Cloud Label Service Enables Efficient Supply Chains Through a Collaborative Labeling Platform

New Cloud Label Service enables collaboration across the entire supply chain for enhanced efficiency and reduced risk

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Gaea Global Technologies, a leader in supply chain management solutions and business process improvement, announced the immediate availability of Cloud Label Service, cloud subscription that gives organizations the freedom and flexibility to easily manage the label lifecycle. Cloud Label Service (CLS) is a cloud-based label management solution enabling collaboration across the supply chain. CLS ensures all stakeholders have current versions of labels, reducing costs and improving compliance. CLS also makes reverse logistics easy for customers and warehouse personnel..

Misprinted Labels Hurt Business

Companies have largely taken a build-your-own-infrastructure approach resulting in many disparate and incompatible standalone labeling systems. With inadequate label template control, different label versions can exist concurrently across the supply chain. Collaboration across the supply chain has been difficult, creating inefficiencies and potentially costing companies millions of dollars in errors and recalls.

When label errors cause companies to violate industry regulations, expensive recalls and even more expensive product liability claims may occur. Additional costs can be incurred by failing to comply with customer service-level agreements and the need to process product returns back through the supply chain. Any of these errors could quickly generate customer dissatisfaction and erode hard-earned loyalty. Cloud Label Service rectifies these issues.

“There are a lot of label tools in the marketplace, but most focus on authoring and design and not as much on collaboration. We felt it was time to rethink how enterprise labeling is managed. The end result is Cloud Label Service, an easy-to-use solution that allows users to collaborate seamlessly with other internal users, suppliers, and customers, and to automate the printing process,” said Amin Sikander, president, Gaea Global Technologies, Inc.

Cloud Label Service Collaboration Improves Efficiency

Cloud Label Service enables true collaboration across the entire supply chain. Internal users and external suppliers have the latest label templates immediately available with the right data from supply chain management systems. CLS easily brings data, labels, and people together, providing a cost-efficient, centralized solution allowing users to publish their labels and seamlessly integrate with host systems. Cloud Label Service provides the following functionality:

  1. Centralized label template management with seeded industry templates;
  2. Easy publishing and sharing of labels with internal users and suppliers;
  3. Automated label printing based on business events including wave release, receipts, and shipping confirmations;
  4. Automated reverse logistics flow and return label delivery, and;
  5. Seamless integration with, and data utilization from, any source system.

Cloud Label Service Technology, Connectors, and Label Printing

Cloud Label Service is a multi-tenant application built on the latest technology stack utilizing best-in-class functionality to collaborate across the supplier base, and support multiple modes of label printing including cloud and on-premise. CLS includes an open-integration platform that allows connection with any data source. Stringent authorization and access controls are built into CLS to manage a secure cross-enterprise labeling platform.

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About Gaea

Cloud Label Service was created by Gaea Global Technologies, Inc. Gaea has provided world-class inventory and warehouse management solutions to Fortune 100 organizations for the last 12 years resulting in successful management of more than one-billion dollars in inventory for our clients. Gaea’s team has successfully advised on, implemented, and rolled out supply chain, labeling, and inventory solutions in numerous industries worldwide. Our business-process and information-technology experts provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that improve the operations of some of the largest, most complex firms in the world. Gaea’s high-value services and omni-channel capabilities deliver managed risks, actionable insights, agility, scalability, and profitability. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Gaea has offices in Toronto, London, Dubai, Chennai, and Bangalore to support its global clientele. Learn more about Gaea at


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