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Gaea founders are architects of Primavera products

Gaea knows that cost management is the heart of financial integrity for any project, contract, or portfolio.

It’s not enough to perform project work with excellence, costs must also be proactively managed.Project managers and business executives require reliable cost forecasting, enabled by insight into actuals to date, changes, trends, and risks over time. Executives must also be mindful of future capital needs, foresight requiring comprehensive, accurate reporting and analysis.

Funds management is especially important for capital projects, each of which can have multiple funding sources, where each source has its own unique management rules. Careful management of each funding type is necessary to avoid project delays, penalties, and funding termination.

Gaea knows that all of this information must be managed on an individual project basis, and across your organization’s entire portfolio of projects and contracts.

Oracle Primavera Unifier

Our cost controls team has extensive, intimate experience with the specific processes that your business depends on every day. We analyze what you’re doing now, what’s working well (and what isn’t), and we recommend best practices for moving forward with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. Our ability to comprehend and assess your organization’s unique processes and needs is unparalleled, and enables us to quickly deliver a tailored-fit solution.

Gaea recommends Oracle Primavera Unifier Project Controls for cost controls and more. Unifier Project Controls is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for managing project portfolios, controlling costs, and managing collaboration and communication across projects. The portfolio management provides planners and project execution personnel a common platform for the collaborative management of project portfolios to ensure the most efficient use of capital funds. Cost management provides automation, flexibility, and the power to handle the most complex cost control, cash flow, and fund analyses. Project collaboration provides configurable business workflow to capture and record all aspects of documentation required during project execution.

Key Oracle Primavera Unifier Features

  • Prioritize investments to maximize return
  • Manage a single project, an entire portfolio, or next year’s plans
  • Ensure efficient use of available capital funds
  • Configure and automate business processes to match company workflows
  • Enforce rules for budgeting, commits, funding, document compliance, routing
  • Plan ahead for each contract, line item, or cost code
  • Increase visibility into balances, disposition, funds source status
  • Reduce management time spent securing funding and grants
  • Fulfill governance and regulatory reporting and auditing requirements

Cost Controls Brochure

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Gaea Implemented LBCC’s Oracle Primavera Unifier Solution

"Throughout the implementation, Gaea ensured that we had seamless collaboration while reviewing process design and configuration, and spent time educating us on the implementation process. Gaea also tailored the system to our operations using Unifier customization features."
Terrance DeGray, PE, CCM, LEED AP
program director, LBCC bond management team

What Cost Controls Clients are Saying About Gaea

"Gaea’s excellent staff solved long-outstanding issues with our existing Unifier implementation, enabling us to adopt our Unifier business processes very quickly. As a result, we have seen significant increases in efficiency and improvements to our organization processes. We highly recommend Gaea for any Unifier implementation, and extra kudos to their impressive support team!”
Krishna Chava
Sr IT project manager
"We are very proud of our implementation and our partnership with our implementation partner, Gaea."
Vaibhav Kapoor
head of project management office
"Gaea has been great to work with, mindful of how to best leverage a limited budget and perform on an aggressive timeline. Their attention to our needs stayed vigilant even after getting us live in production, helping to sort out system quirks and to provide one-on-one online how-to sessions as requested.”
Jessica Duffy
program manager – capital projects, business and financial strategic initiatives
"Gaea has all the elements we looked for in an implementation partner: technical expertise, industry knowledge, and advisory services. Gaea became an extension of our company, putting tremendous effort into understanding our processes, our people, our culture, our needs, and our goals and purpose. Working with Gaea has been an enjoyable experience. Simply put, Gaea not only represents a set of desirable values to be found in an implementation partner, but is also a friend who understands all the needs of our company, takes them on as their own, in pursuit of the same goals.”
Ivan Saavedra Maufras
project manager – capital projects, business and financial strategic initiatives

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