December 20, 2019

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud (OTM) enables shippers and carriers to control and optimize their transportation activity from a single platform. OTM can be integrated easily into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for rapid deployment.

Oracle Transportation Management is designed to meet all transportation needs regardless of geographic area, language, business functions, currency, and logistics complexity. And when integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, this powerful platform also facilitates report creation.

Why Choose Oracle Transportation Management Cloud?

Oracle Transportation Management Overview
Optimize Goods Shipment across the Global Supply Chain
Reduce freight orders, improve supply chain visibility, increase on-time delivery, and increase logistics efficiency.

OTM Cloud Provides Control of All Transportation Stages
Manage planning, operations, freight payments and claims, fleet, and transportation sourcing from one solution.

Optimize Routes for Fleet Assets and Third-Party Carriers
Support all facets of route optimization including

  • Equipment type selection, asset utilization
  • Static routes and/or dynamic routing
  • Dynamically add orders to existing routes
  • Street-level routing with turn-by-turn driving instructions
  • Commodity considerations (e.g., what types of products can be co-loaded)

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What Benefits Can Your Organization Achieve with OTM Cloud?


  • Shipment optimization reduces cost and improves bottom line with a typical savings of 3 to 5%
  • Freight bill audit and pay improves accuracy and staff efficiency


  • Formalized logistics processes across facilities improves efficiencies
  • Order and shipment consolidation reduces freight spend
  • KPI tracking for performance measurement
  • Accurate carrier statistics improves negotiating position
IT Department

  • Oracle provides IT infrastructure reducing need for in-house DBAs and system admins
  • Monthly subscription ensures level cost structure
  • Rapid deployment model reduces time to benefit


  • Timely product shipments improves customer service
  • CSR visibility to in-transit shipments improves customer relationships

Why Choose Gaea to Implement Oracle Transportation Management?


We have a proven track record
Gaea has successfully delivered end-to-end supply chain implementations to clients around the world. We have great relationships with Oracle Supply Chain Product Strategy, Oracle Development, and our clients.

We have a strong, experienced team
Gaea founders were original architects of Oracle Supply Chain products. Gaea has one of the largest, most experienced supply-chain consultant pools in the world.

We understand logistics
Just ask our clients. Zebra worked with Gaea for their worldwide rollout of Oracle Warehouse Management.

Gaea founders are original architects of Oracle Supply Chain products

Gaea will help you drive continuous improvement across the entire logistics network

Is Oracle Transportation Management Right for You?

Contact us to conduct an assessment of your needs. We’ll help you determine whether OTM Cloud is the right match for your firm.



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