Supply Chain Execution

Gaea has executed more than 100 warehouse rollouts

When Oracle clients need help with logistics and supply chain management, they turn to Gaea.

We offer a comprehensive set of supply chain, warehouse management, and logistics solutions that help corporations all around the world get their goods from point A to point B.

Our team of experts develops powerful solutions by analyzing your business processes and building just the right combination of Oracle applications to provide you with unprecedented flexibility in the ways that you purchase, design, implement, and manage your supply chain solutions.

Our expertise across different industries means that we can help you hit the ground running quickly and with total accuracy

What Supply Chain Clients are Saying About Gaea

"Gaea helped Garden of Life open a new warehouse in record time and their Cloud Label Service (CLS) was a critical piece of the project, reducing development time and increasing quality and reliability.

Partnering with Gaea for all things supply chain has been one of our best decisions ever!"
Garden of Life
Christy Poe
Sr Director IT
“Gaea has been one of our most trusted partners throughout our decade plus journey of business transformation. We have partnered on major acquisitions, system upgrades, and support of our growing business around the world. Gaea’s supply chain expertise and unwavering commitment has enabled us to jointly engineer an agile, responsive, scalable supply chain that is critical to our business. I look forward to continuing our partnership and continuing to optimize our supply chain and grow the business.”
William Compton
“I appreciate the excellent onsite and offsite support from Gaea’s local and international teams on the project even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaea’s WMS implementation team understands our processes well and designed the best-suited solution to meet our requirements for a successful implementation. I am glad that we have chosen the Gaea team as our implementation partner and look forward to similar support on future implementations.”
Nikkoo Dahiya
Head, Supply Chain

Podcast: Bata increases warehouse operational efficiencies

Listen to a discussion of Gaea’s Bata implementation on the Oracle podcast, Partner Perspectives, episode: Bata increases warehouse operational efficiencies with Oracle Cloud SCM and Gaea.

Do you dream about your warehouse business operations running seamlessly? Many do and like your favorite pair of shoes, this episode of Partner Perspectives may just be the perfect fit. Join us for a compelling conversation with Amin Sikander, President of Gaea and Brendan Ahn, Senior Consultant of Gaea as we step into the story of how leading footwear retailer Bata deployed Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Bata realized real-time inventory visibility and increased inventory accuracy, allowing Bata to track inventory at any stage in the warehouse, ultimately, reducing operational inefficiencies.

Cloud Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions to Energize Your Business

Gaea founders are architects of Oracle supply chain products

Gaea’s logistics and supply chain solutions help you easily manage your business. Our core supply chain capabilities include supply planning, demand planning, order management, warehouse management, and value chain analytics.

Our team will analyze your business processes and engineer a solution with a customized combination of hardware and software to streamline and optimize your entire organization. Solutions implemented by Gaea have a proven track record of delivering highly-customized deployments that:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Maximize labor productivity
  • Increase trade velocity
  • Improve inventory and shipment accuracy
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance overall efficiency

Solution Libraries

Gaea BlueMarble is a strong analytics and warehouse management tool that enables organizations to make accurate, informed decisions to increase productivity. BlueMarble gives managers the power to model “what-if” scenarios by running simulations on waves of orders. BlueMarble helps managers plan for optimal resource requirements and prioritizes product allocations per customer specifications.

Gaea Blue Marble

Real-time Labor Analytics

Gaea’s real-time analytics provide an instantaneous communication mechanism to shop floor monitors, eliminating any process errors previously caused by miscommunication or delays in communication. Alerts are displayed in real-time, improving productivity, reducing manual intervention, and reducing waste by giving our clients the ability to immediately re-prioritize jobs based on their customer requirements.

Wave simulations and charts let warehouse managers make informed decisions before releasing orders. Generation of demand-based pick tasks reduces any unwanted movement and improves the overall responsiveness of the supply chain.


Improve inventory accuracy with real-time data, improve labor productivity, and support mobile execution of distribution, manufacturing, and maintenance processes. Our mobile supply chain solutions enable automated mobile user operations with hand-held radio frequency (RF) devices and lift-truck mounted RF scanners.


Integration with Gaea’s BlueMarble solution creates an automatic rollover of pending jobs to a new schedule, preventing any job from falling through the cracks. BlueMarble can be hot-plugged into Oracle WMS, Inventory, MSCA, Shipping, WIP, and Order Management.

Client Success Spotlight

Denver International Airport

Oracle WMS Cloud combines the speed and savings of the cloud with best-of-breed warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities. Gaea was founded by WMS architects, and our Cloud consulting experience for high-profile clients, like the largest airport in North America, has proven successful time and time again.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies partnered with Gaea for their worldwide rollout of Oracle WMS. Gaea helped Zebra improve their manufacturing process, optimize  warehouse operations, and increase throughput efficiency.

“Benefits we have received through this real-time location solution have been phenomenal,” Kirk Kroft, Director of IT, Zebra.

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