Cloud Label Service Assists Leading Nutritional Supplement Company with New Product Line Launch

Due to a policy change, the new line had to be managed separately from the rest of its products in a new warehouse. Cloud Label Service was the label management system selected.

Santa Clara, California, January 14, 2021 — A leading nutritional supplement company chose Cloud Label Service, a comprehensive label management system developed by Gaea Global Technologies, Inc., to manage the labels for its new line of CBD products. The system had to be implemented in a few weeks and integrated with current systems to avoid costly delays.

Two months before the product launch, the nutritional supplement company’s 3PL provider instituted a policy against handling CBD products. As a result, the new line had to be managed in a different warehouse separated from the rest of the products. Even label printing for inventory, internal shipping, and outbound orders had to be managed separately.

The new solution had to automate label printing based on business events, including pick release and ship confirmation, and integrate with carriers to obtain shipment labels. “We needed a comprehensive labeling solution that could be integrated into our current ERP and be fully operational with minimal supervision within a few weeks,” the supplement company’s director of supply chain stated.

Cloud Label Service was selected because it met all labeling requirements. The label management system was up and running on time to manage all label templates and automate label printing for the CBD product launch. Using its dynamic web service functionality, occurrence of a business event triggered the system to automatically populate label templates with accurate data and send the labels to the printer. Cloud Label Service was integrated with three systems and now handles label generation and automated printing for an average of 250 orders daily.

“We were glad to assist a company with a new product launch using our label management system. Getting a new product into the market is always an important milestone, and we were pleased to meet their labeling requirements and needs.” Jason Mancuso, supply chain practice director at Gaea.

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