Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud

Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud (GTM) gives companies the power to centrally manage their global trade operations by optimizing, automating, and monitoring cross-border transactions.

GTM delivers visibility and control over orders and shipments using an integrated logistics framework, enabling companies to optimize and streamline business processes related to cross-border trade by layering trade data and milestones over the physical flow of goods. With compliance policies and trade automation tools to help implement and enforce those policies, companies can begin to utilize trade best practices across and beyond the organization


Why Choose Oracle Transportation Management Cloud?

Global Design, Single Source of Truth
Oracle GTM enables companies to automate and manage the trade compliance and import/export challenges encountered in global cross-border transactions, anywhere to anywhere.

GTM is Easy to Configure

  • No hard-coded regulations
  • Company-specific, customized trade rules
  • Changes to regulations made by user
  • Preconfigured integrations with third-party applications
  • Preconfigured workflows, user roles, and associated security
  • Carrier connectivity with B2B partners

Native Trade and Transportation Platform
Oracle GTM is built on the same best-in-class platform as Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) providing customers with a holistic global logistics platform to manage their trade and transportation requirements.

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Key Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud Benefits

Improve Trade Regulations Compliance

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Keep up with regulation changes

Reduce dependence on manual inputs and tribal knowledge

  • Reduce manual errors
  • Increase transparency through uniform rules

IT Department

  • Reduce IT costs, resources


  • Reduce screening lead times
  • Reduce documentation lead times

Why Choose Gaea to Implement Oracle Transportation Management?

Gaea founders are architects of Oracle supply chain products

We have a proven track record
Gaea has successfully delivered end-to-end supply chain implementations to clients around the world. We have great relationships with Oracle Supply Chain Product Strategy, Oracle Development, and our clients.

We have a strong, experienced team
Gaea founders are architects of Oracle Supply Chain products. Gaea has one of the largest, most experienced supply-chain consultant pools in the world.

We understand logistics
Just ask our clients. Zebra worked with Gaea for their worldwide rollout of Oracle Warehouse Management.

Is Oracle GTM Cloud Right for You?

Contact us to conduct an assessment of your needs. We’ll help you determine whether GTM Cloud is the right match for your firm.