About Gaea

Gaea Global Technologies, Inc. (Gaea) is an award-winning Oracle Partner and Oracle development partner, specializing in supply chain and project portfolio management challenges. Our business-process and information-technology experts provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that improve operations at some of the largest firms in the world, and we do it with an intimate knowledge of the Oracle enterprise products that we helped pioneer.

Gaea was founded in 2007 by a group of thought leaders who architected Oracle’s Supply Chain and Primavera products. Since then, Gaea has helped clients successfully deploy enterprise applications all over the world.

We’ve implemented solutions for more than 100 clients worldwide, and our clients manage more than $10-billion in capital projects using our solutions. Gaea’s high-value services and omni-channel capabilities deliver managed risks, actionable insights, agility, scalability, and profitability. Gaea has successfully advised on, implemented, and rolled out supply chain, labeling, and inventory solutions in numerous industries.

Simply put, we want to build and implement the best software solutions possible and deliver the best ROI possible. To accomplish these goals, we leverage our global reach, our lower cost base, and our 24/7 service. Gaea has a well-established track record of serving and satisfying our many clients.

It also helps that, among Oracle Partners, very few of them can offer the same kind of intricate solutions and processes that we provide. Gaea is a Hard Dollar partner, and our team has more than 20 years of experience implementing HD solutions for clients in project-driven industries. Gaea is also a Registered ISV Zebra Partner.

Our philosophy is simple: we always do what’s right for our clients. And we remain focused on long-term goals. Because in the end, doing the right thing works out best for everyone.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, Gaea has additional offices in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Ireland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India to support its global clientele. Gaea is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE).

Gaea Awards

Gaea wins Oracle Exceptional Professional Services award
Gaea wins Oracle On Fire award
Gaea wins Oracle LAD Partner Award
Gaea wins Oracle Mexico Partner Award
Gaea wins Oracle CEGBU Successes in N America and Latin America Award
Gaea wins Oracle PGBU Specialized Partner JAPAC Award
Gaea wins Top Supply Chain Projects Award
  • Exceptional Professional Services Award FY 2023 H1
  • On Fire Oracle CEGBU Partner Award FY 2022
  • LAD Oracle CEGBU Partner Award FY 2022
  • Oracle CEGBU Partner, CEGBU Mexico Partner 2020
  • Oracle CEGBU Partner, Strategic Contribution to Oracle Successes in N America and Latin America 2017
  • Oracle PGBU Partner, Specialized Partner JAPAC 2017
  • SDC Top Supply Chain Projects 2021 for our work with Bata
"The fifteen-year partnership between Oracle and Gaea remains strong as we continue delivering transformative solutions to our customers. Gaea brings sound technical expertise and customer service to Oracle clients and the On Fire award is a recognition of these efforts.”
Mark Hinnenkamp
global director, alliances and channels, Oracle

Gaea Oracle Expertise

Gaea is a member of the Oracle Partner Network

  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera Cloud North America
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera Cloud APAC India
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera Cloud EMEA Africa
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera Cloud EMEA Turkey
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM EMEA Middle East and N Africa
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM (Option 1) APAC India
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier North America
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier APAC India
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier and Aconex Cloud APAC India
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier EMEA Middle East
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud EMEA Middle East
  • Oracle Hardware Installation Services: Oracle Database Appliance India

Gaea Management Team

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Co-Founder, CEO

Sury is a bit of a Renaissance man. Along with Amin, he steers the course of the company. But he also heads up the sales and marketing efforts. And on occasion, you’ll even find him writing code. There’s little Sury can’t do.

He studied at the University Of Arizona and earned a Master of Science in Systems and Industrial Engineering. Before growing Gaea into a flourishing technology solutions provider, Sury held positions at Primavera and EXE Technologies.

Sury believes Gaea is poised to help its clients revolutionize their industries. Technology is enabling some amazing new possibilities. And Gaea is helping its clients lead that charge.

But Sury is emphatic that people know Gaea isn’t just focused on technology. Anyone can sell short-term solutions that plug technology gaps, he stresses. Gaea, though, targets long-term success by assessing business processes and revealing opportunities that clients never even knew existed.

For Sury, the thing that stands out most in his mind isn’t a particular customer success or company milestone. It’s the people he works with. Gaea has assembled a collection of individuals who are all committed to achieving the same goals. As a result, they’ve accomplished many things that make him proud.

Co-Founder, President

Amin is our supply-chain expert. In the big picture, he and Sury serve as the backbone of Gaea. But on a day-to-day basis, Amin manages the logistics and supply-chain side of the company’s business.

He studied at University of Wyoming and earned a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Before founding Gaea, he held positions at Oracle and EXE Technologies.

Ask Amin about the industries Gaea serves, and he’ll mention that they have a great need for technology thought leaders. The problems these industries face are complex. And solving them requires an uncommon blend of industry experience and technical innovation. The people at Gaea, he says, fill that void.

He’s also quick to point out that nobody knows Oracle project management and supply-chain products like Gaea. That’s because Gaea’s team helped build those products. In fact, when Oracle clients have complicated challenges, Gaea is typically the place that Oracle sends them.

Amin has a story he tells that nicely sums up Gaea’s philosophy. During early talks with Integra Life Sciences, Amin told Integra’s leadership that they didn’t need Gaea. Amin believes if you always do what’s right for the customer, things will work out. It probably won’t surprise you, but after Amin spoke up in that meeting, Integra hired Gaea on the spot.

Co-Founder, COO

Karun manages all of the things that manage Gaeas projects — the people, the resources, the timelines, and the logistics. Ultimately, he’s the person who makes sure every job is done right and delivered on time.

Karun received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. From there, he traveled to Palo Alto, California where he earned his Master’s in Electrical Engineering (Networking & Systems) from Stanford University.

Karun has been involved with Gaea since the very beginning. And even though he’s not one of the original founders, Amin and Sury make him feel like one. He is intimately involved with the direction of the company, and that gives him all the motivation he needs.

Karun points out that Gaea doesn’t do everything. The company will never pretend to be something it’s not. And the team won’t take on a project simply to earn a dollar. On the other hand, Karun adds, if you look at the things Gaea does do, you’ll see they do them better than anyone.

Clients check in with Karun on a regular basis. But one call he received was particularly noteworthy. When he picked it up, the customer began to bend Karun’s ear about how much difficulty they were encountering with all of their technology partners. Except for Gaea. According to the customer, Gaea was the one provider who delivered without a hitch.

VP, Supply Chain Services

Vishy spots supply chain opportunities, manages projects, ensuries their successful implementation, and helps guide the strategic course of the division. In short, Vishy makes sure Gaea lives up to its reputation for delivering exceptional solutions and services.

Vishy didn’t begin his career in technology. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology & Science. He then went on to earn his Master’s in Chemical Engineering at Ohio University. He found his way into technology while working as a development manager at Oracle.

At Gaea, Vishy feels free to explore unconventional approaches, free to promote his ideas, and free to speak his mind. And it’s the freedom, he says, that produces the remarkable results delivered to all of Gaea’s clients.

Vishy says Gaea helps clients improve their business. Some partners are very good at selling products, and they sell a lot of them. Others have standard methodologies that they adhere to. But Gaea employs a more flexible approach. Ask him, and Vishy will describe in detail how Gaea studies clients’ practices and processes to discover how technology can help them reach their goals.

Vishy led the team responsible for deploying the world’s largest WMS implementation. But it wasn’t merely the extent of Huawei’s WMS that gave Vishy great satisfaction. It was taking on a project bigger that anything they’d ever done before, and finding a way to meet the challenge.

Director of Operations

Mohammed is our go-to guy for Primavera solutions. He manages Gaea’s business operations in India, handling everything from pre-sales through implementation, and he’s also the architect we turn to for our most difficult Primavera challenges.

He studied at Loyola Institute of Business Administration and earned an MBA. From there, Mohammed went on to leadership positions at Southern Pressings, Lucas TVS, and Mastertech.

Mohammed feels like his opportunities at Gaea are unlimited. Every assignment is fascinating, the company is growing, and Gaea treats its employees as invaluable assets. With those things working in his favor, Mohammed believes he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

In Mohammed’s eyes, many things make Gaea noteworthy. Gaea embraces the challenges nobody else will touch. Gaea delivers value even before projects deploy. And, Gaea completes every project on spec, on time, and on budget.

Most of the staff share gratifying stories about clients. Mohammed tells one about Gaea’s collaborators. Many of the company’s partners, it seems, pitch for new business by promoting that they can bring Gaea’s support to the table.

Director of Technology

Sanjeev is the engineer who makes our technology tick in India. He knows project management systems. He knows Oracle’s Primavera product line. And he knows how to help large enterprises operate more efficiently.

His higher education began at Bihar University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. When his studies were complete, he worked in senior development roles for Symphony Services.

Because he works with such a talented team at Gaea, Sanjeev feels like they are always redefining high-performance from one project to the next. And as a result, Gaea is always delivering far more than clients expect.

Sanjeev notes that everybody offers Oracle products. But Gaea, he emphasizes, offers the services of the very people who designed and developed those products.

Sanjeev  remembers countless successes in his time at Gaea. One of them, however, rises above the rest. Denver International Airport (DIA) brought their demanding project to a number of technology services providers, but not one of those providers could manage it. Then DIA knocked on Gaea’s door. Where many others had tried but failed, Gaea thrived.

VP, Operations

Dennis is the guy who just about wrote the book on integrated systems. In fact, he’s so committed to solutions that a concept he helped develop was adopted by Oracle (then Skire) and used today in all of their Unifier standardized business process implementations. Dennis earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from UOP, Clark Air Base, USAF, and his MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

For more than two decades, Dennis has worked on the configuration and use of project management information systems and reporting tools, managing construction projects in many different verticals including commercial, mining, oil and gas, and public and private sectors. For the last ten years he has focused on integrated solutions and estimating systems that efficiently exchange cost and/or schedule information between multiple data sources. Dennis has been the lead on multiple implementations of Unifier, Hard Dollar, and integrations with Primavera P6. He served as the client contact to generate integration requirements, designed the implementations, and prepared technical specifications for the software development teams.

Dennis has managed multi-million dollar projects using earned-value techniques and understands that data project managers need to effectively control their project budgets and schedules. He has provided program-level reporting for several multi-billion dollar capital programs.

VP, Finance

Ramki manages all of Gaea’s accounting, project costing, and other financial matters. But he doesn’t just push numbers around his computer screen. His financial analyses are crucial in creating Gaea’s overall strategy.

Ramki earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from University of Madras, an additional Bachelor’s in Automotive Engineering from University of Madrasa, and he earned an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. During his long career he’s held several C-level positions for large companies like Tube Investments, Ashok Leyland, and TVS Group of Companies.

Ramki says Gaea runs a tight ship, but that the interaction between employees is informal. They share ideas. They help each other. And the staff is given a great deal of flexibility in how they conduct their work.

Gaea staff frequently mention their rare combination of technical know-how and industry knowledge. From Ramki’s perspective, that’s precisely why the company can provide clients with solutions that are both extraordinarily productive and remarkably cost effective.

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