The Evolution of the Gaea Logo

The Evolution of Our Logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Gaea logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company brand! Founded in 2007, Gaea Global Technologies engineers elegant enterprise supply chain and project portfolio management solutions for organizations in every industry. Some of our successes include supply chain solutions for Zebra, Shutterfly, Garden Read more about The Evolution of Our Logo[…]

Gaea 9 year stats

How Our Philosophy Has Propelled Us for 9 Years

I am writing this post as we finish our eighth year of existence and march into an exciting ninth year. Throughout that time, our philosophy has remained the same: “Prioritize our clients’ long-term interests over our short-term gain. In the end, both shall align.” Our clients trust us to know that we will not advise Read more about How Our Philosophy Has Propelled Us for 9 Years[…]

Gaea Pronunciation

FAQ – How does one pronounce ‘Gaea’?

A longtime friend of ours recently asked us a question that we’ve been hearing a lot lately, so we figured we’d take a moment to share the answer with everybody. (His or her name has been changed to protect the inquisitive.) “I’ve heard people at other companies pronounce your company name different ways. Now that Read more about FAQ – How does one pronounce ‘Gaea’?[…]