How Our Philosophy Has Propelled Us for 9 Years

Gaea 9th year statsI am writing this post as we finish our eighth year of existence and march into an exciting ninth year. Throughout that time, our philosophy has remained the same:

“Prioritize our clients’ long-term interests over our short-term gain. In the end, both shall align.”

Our clients trust us to know that we will not advise them on anything that would be detrimental to their bottom line, even if it means less revenue for Gaea. We take great pride in that.

We have weathered downturns in the economy (US, Middle East, India), an existential crisis (a former partner left us), and changing trends in the Oracle ecosystem (cloud, acquisitions) rather successfully.

Our passion to engineer solutions for our enterprise clients has been unwavering. We sweat the small stuff so that our clients never have to worry. They know we’ve got them covered.


The lifeblood of most service organizations is their people. We are no different. We recognize that we are not who we are without our awesome employees scattered over multiple time zones around the world. Someone recently asked me, “why do people love working at Gaea? What makes you guys so different?”

We believe in empowering everyone to think and contribute in multiple ways: by moving people out of their comfort zones, tackling challenges head-on, and maintaining a general bonhomie within the organization. We all participate and manage the chaos so that our lives, hopefully, are slightly richer.

Where are we going next?

I didn’t realize that it took us a better part of half a decade to get Gaea to a somewhat respectable state. Running a business is difficult, and at the rate we are expanding we are experiencing the usual growing pains. Our relationship with Oracle will persist and we will diversify as the cloud evolves, that’s for certain. The core tenets of our business, enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) and supply chain management (SCM), will continue to provide existing avenues for us to expand into. I believe that we will grow to be the strongest player in the EPPM/SCM space and all of their intersections. We will catch the technology wave (or tsunami) that is going to hit some of the industries which we are working on now. Check back with us in a year or so, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Success stories like Shutterfly, Zebra, and additional client successes personally keep me going.

Sury Balasubramanian
Gaea Co-founder

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