August 12, 2015

Cost Controls

Our Industry Experience Provides Value

Gaea ExperienceOur cost controls team has extensive, intimate experience with the processes that your business depends on every day. We analyze what you’re doing now, what’s working well (and what isn’t), and we recommend best practices for moving forward with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. Our ability to comprehend and assess your organization’s unique processes and needs is unparalleled.

Our team is passionate about crafting elegant solutions that will address all of your organization’s needs. Every Gaea team member averages 17+ years of experience in program management and cost control. Our resumes will knock your socks off, but rather than rattle off page after page of impressive credentials, we figure it’s easier to simply present some of our successes. We approach every solution as an extension of your team; when you win, so do we. And we have industry experience in virtually every industry, including higher education, K-12, utilities, sewage, departments of transportation, port authorities, insurance, banks, healthcare, and aviation.

Our Implementation Methodology

Gaea implements business solutions through the application of a company-wide, best-practice approach to software implementation. The hybrid software development approach applies the best practice from both Agile and waterfall methodologies. With this hybrid approach, Gaea and our clients jointly design, iteratively configure, test, and prepare a production environment with a client-specific user interface (UI). Our implementation is comprised of seven phases and two concurrent work streams. Business change management is accounted for from a technology, functional, and resource perspective.

Gaea Implementation MethodologyEach iteration begins with a planning meeting. During the meeting, the product owner (person requesting the work, representing the business) and the development team agree upon the work to be accomplished during the iteration. The development team has the final say when it comes to determining how much work can realistically be accomplished during the iteration, and the product owner has the final say on what criteria needs to be met for the work to be approved and accepted.

The scrum master, or team facilitator, determines the iteration duration. Once the team reaches a consensus for how many days an iteration should last, all future iterations should remain the same. Traditionally, an iteration lasts 30 days. After an iteration begins, the product owner steps back and lets the team work. During the iteration, the team holds daily stand-up meetings to discuss progress and brainstorm solutions to challenges. The project owner (client) may attend these meetings as an observer, and can answer specific questions. The project owner may not make change requests during an iteration and only the scrum master has the ability to interrupt or stop the iteration. At the end of the iteration, the team presents its completed work to the project owner and the project owner uses the criteria established at the iteration planning meeting to either accept or reject the work.

Primavera Unifier Key Business Benefits

    Gaea cost controls brochure

  • Automate cost and collaborative business processes with flexible cost code structures
  • Support multiple time-phased baselines, actuals, and forecasts at summary or cost-code level with advanced cash flow forecasting and earned value management
  • Maintain current logs of all RFIs, transmittals, and submittals with complete visibility
  • Manage project documentation with check in/check out, revision control, online markup/ commenting, and detailed audit logs
  • Manage long-term, multiyear portfolios with varying timescale granularity and project attributes across the portfolio lifecycle

Click the cover to download our cost controls brochure (PDF).

Client Feedback

“Gaea’s excellent staff solved long-outstanding issues with our existing Unifier implementation, enabling us to adopt our Unifier business processes very quickly. As a result, we have seen significant increases in efficiency and improvements to our organization processes. We highly recommend Gaea for any Unifier implementation, and extra kudos to their impressive support team!”
– Krishna Chava, DTE Energy, Senior IT Project Manager

“Gaea has been great to work with, mindful of how to best leverage a limited budget and perform on an aggressive timeline. Their attention to our needs stayed vigilant even after getting us live in production, helping to sort out system quirks and to provide one-on-one online how-to sessions as requested.”
– Jessica Duffy, UC Merced, Program Manager – Capital Projects, Business and Financial Strategic Initiatives


Sample Workflows

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Unifier sample workflow, project request   Unifier sample workflow, submittal   Unifier sample workflow, change request   Unifier sample workflow, request for information (RFI)

Sample Cost Controls Clients

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