• Gaea: 2017 winner strategic contributions to Oracle successes in N America and Latin America


We engineer elegant solutions in the following areas:
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Supply Chain Execution

We help organizations achieve significant inventory savings by improving their logistics, reverse logistics, and inventory processes.

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Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management

We help organizations manage large, complex projects and programs that usually are the backbone of a capital-asset lifecycle.

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Capital Planning and Cost Controls

We set up and manage enterprise-grade controls which have an immediate effect on our clients’ balance sheets.

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Only Gaea has the technology experience across project-driven industries to ensure that your estimating solution will meet your organization’s unique business needs.

About Us

Hello, we're Gaea!
Simply put, we want to engineer and implement the best solutions.

So what is it we do? We provide inventive technology solutions for your most challenging project management and supply chain problems. And we do it with an intimate knowledge of the Oracle enterprise products that we helped pioneer along with considerable expertise in the various industries we serve.

Back in 2007, a group of thought leaders who architected Oracle's Supply Chain and Primavera products set out to start our company. Since then, Gaea has helped client after client successfully deploy enterprise applications all across this little global village of ours.

Simply put, we want to engineer and implement the best solutions to solve the most complex supply chain and enterprise project management problems.

We leverage our global reach, our lower cost base, and our 24/7 service. And that isn’t just talk. We have a well-established track record of serving and satisfying our many clients. It also helps that, among Oracle Platinum Partners, only a very few of them can offer the same kind of intricate solutions and processes that we provide.

People also ask us about our philosophy. It’s pretty simple, really. We do what’s right for our clients. And we remain focused on the long-term. Because in the end, doing the right thing works out best for everyone.

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  • Platinum Partners are the TOP 5% of all Oracle partners.


Gaea provides domain-centric business intelligence and analytics services.

Gaea Global Corporate Brochure

Gaea is a global services company that unites its pioneering knowledge of Oracle enterprise products with its intimate knowledge of your business to solve your greatest challenges.

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Gaea Enterprise Project Management Services

We help clients around the world manage their critical project portfolio requirements with Oracle Primavera, the EPPM solution for project-intensive industries.

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Gaea Supply Chain Execution Services

Gaea offers a comprehensive set of supply chain, warehouse management, and logistics solutions that help corporations all over the world move goods from point A to point B.

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Gaea Cost Controls Services

We are the leading Oracle partner and thought leader, providing Rapid Time to Value™, highly innovative Oracle Unifier solutions.

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