September 17, 2020


Tech-savvy enterprises in industries like food and pharmaceuticals are implementing blockchain solutions to bring efficiency and transparency to supply chain, warehouse management, global trade, international payments, product traceability, and more.

Reduce errors, cost, and risk, ensure compliance, and increase trust with a blockchain solution today.

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Why Choose a Blockchain Solution?

Blockchain Flow
Shared Ledger
Append-only distributed system of record shared across business network

Smart Contract
Business terms embedded in transaction database and executed with transactions

Ensure appropriate visibility; transactions are secure, authenticated, verifiable

Transactions endorsed by relevant participants

What Benefits Can Your Organization Achieve with Blockchain?

Shared Reference Data

  • Reduce errors with consolidated, consistent data set
  • Near real-time access to reference data
  • Supports code editing and routing code transfers between participants

Supply Chain

  • Increases trust, no authority owns provenance
  • Improved system utilization
  • Recalls specific rather than cross-fleet
Audit and Compliance

  • Reduces cost of audit and regulatory compliance
  • Provides seek-and-find access to auditors and regulators
  • Changes compliance from passive to active

Letter of Credit

  • Increases execution speed (less than 1 day)
  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces risk, e.g. currency fluctuations
  • Value-added services, e.g., incremental payments

Why Choose Gaea to Implement Blockchain?


We have a proven track record
Gaea has successfully delivered end-to-end supply chain implementations to clients around the world. We have great relationships with Oracle Supply Chain Product Strategy, Oracle Development, and our clients.

We have a strong, experienced team
Gaea founders were original architects of Oracle Supply Chain products. Gaea has one of the largest, most experienced supply-chain consultant pools in the world.

We understand logistics
Just ask our clients. Zebra worked with Gaea for their worldwide rollout of Oracle Warehouse Management.

Gaea founders are original architects of Oracle Supply Chain products

Gaea will help you drive continuous improvement across the entire logistics network

Is Blockchain Right for You?

Contact us to conduct an assessment of your needs. We’ll help you determine whether blockchain is the right match for your firm.



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